The 8 Best Things About Being Friends With Benefits

9 Sep 2019 - 14:21

Having a friend with benefits sounds like the perfect set up. I know you have heard the stories of people trying it out emotions getting involved and then it all going slightly wrong and a little messy. But that doesn’t have to be you guys. There are a lot more people than you think that are out there looking for exactly just that!

Non-complicated and fun. That’s exactly how it should be and is. There are so many upsides to friends with benefits setups that I was struggling to limit myself to just the eight best ones. But you can find out all the other fun upsides yourself, cant you?

  1. You have lots of sex...with someone you actually like and you get along with. Chances are you knew your f-buddy before you started your casual sex arrangement.
  2. You skip that awkward first date and get straight to the fun part. Don’t worry about dietary requirements and a cosy bar. Keep it casual and get straight to it!
  3. Experiment and I’m not talking bunsen burners (unless you like that sort of thing) Your comfortable and you know each other. If not your friend with benefits then who else can you get the fluffy handcuffs out with?
  4. It’s a reliable sex life without the emotional baggage that comes with a relationship - Winning.
  5. Being your friend they have your best interests at heart. They no the deal and not in it to hurt you or play with feelings.
  6. You don’t have to introduce your friend with benefits to anyone or have that eventual chat about meeting the in-laws after a few dates.
  7. No need to sleep over and miss out on your precious beauty sleep on a hard mattress with lumpy pillows. You can have your wicked way and wake up in your own bed all snug...and smug.
  8. When it comes to an end there are no loose ends. You have both served a purpose now on to pastures new!

Well, I hope that was enlightening for you and your signing up to a casual dating site ready to find that very special friend with benefits.