Coming Out Of Lockdown!

12 Aug 2021 - 13:54

Everyone is excited to be coming out of lockdown in 2021, we can see family and friends, go out for meals and dates, however more importantly you can start seeing your friends with benefits again!

We have all missed interaction with one another but how about the fun, the sex, the excitment of getting back into bed with your FWB!!!

There are many pros to having a sex partner, sex buddy, friends with benefits.

You don't have to have any awkwardness in the setup that you have, you know where you stand with one another.

No need to meet up with each other's friends or families, no making small talk with each other and certainly no long term commitments.

Straight up fun and sex, whether you wish to keep things in the house, the bedroom, the living room, bathroom or even in the kitchen.

But… you may be more adventurous, you might like to do it in the car or even in public places. There are so many choices when it comes to having sex out and about, a rooftop, a park, the woods, the beach the choices are endless.

Whether you wish to pop and see your FWB for a quickie or stay up all night simply just to fuck, its a perfect situation that suits you both.

No strings sex has to be beneficial to all parties, you want to feel in control and comfortable with your FWB. The biggest benefit is trying new things, you might want to try new positions or new toys with one another. Many people want to explore their sexuality, with your FWB you have no worries or commitments when playing together!

Everyone has busy lives, you may want friends with benefits as it is easy for you and you like the fun of it, or you may be coming out of a long term relationship trying to mend a broken heart, as the old saying goes the best way to get over someone is to get under someone.

Get out there and find that FWB to start a new sexy and exciting chapter in your life.