Find a friends with benefits at work

6 Oct 2022 - 00:17 | Tags: sex at work, find sex in the UK

Welcome to friendswithbenefits, the website where we help you find someone for a no strings attached relationship. It could be long-term, short term or even a one-night stand. Most of our members are very open to different ideas about how sexual relationships should work which includes duration! The site has been specifically built to bring together like-minded individuals for some no harm fun, and we hope that you find it. The fun I mean, if you take my meaning.

So, once you decide you want a friend with benefits at work, how do you go about getting one? Well, the first step is as clear as the name, you start by making a lot of friends! Romantic relationships and encounters is somewhat of a numbers game, so the more people you know, the better. Start saying good morning to every single person of the opposite sex that you meet. To make this look less tactical, you should just say morning in a friendly way to everyone that you meet, whether you like them on not. This might not seem like the most powerful start to reforging your life to one where you have sex on tap, but trust me, it is a strong start. Allow me to explain why.

Usually, in a traditional date setting, you are trying to forge a connect in just one meeting. In that time you have to raise sexual tension whilst also making the other person feel comfortable enough with you that they can open up and let go. This is a rather high bar of difficulty to overcome. The advantage of meeting someone at work is that you can spread this out over time. Each time you meet someone and have a interaction with them, even if it is only for a minute, you are increasing the total number of times that you have seen each other. That increasing number helps to build familiarity and comfort, which is a strong foundation for the “friendship” part. Now you just have to convert it to by adding the benefits.

How do you add the benefits? This is trickier and requires a leap of faith at some point. You can start to flirt, mess about a bit more, try and build that tension up. Depend on the response you will have a sense of whether they are into you or not. If not, that is fine, just gently let it go. If yes, pursue it. Then at some point, you have to make the jump to get them where it is just the two of you. Only then can you really convert this by, ultimately, kissing them. That does take a jump, a roll of the dice, but it is well worth doing.

So good luck finding your friend with benefits, it is 100% worth it.