Sex Trends in 2020

17 Jun 2019 - 15:43

What will have your headboard banging next year?

Trends, trends, trends. In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, they’re a big business. Some people follow them religiously. Others try and take what they fancy. Why don’t we take sex trends as seriously? We share almost every part of our lives on social media, tell our friends about our latest fad, follow influencers every move, but we don’t share, follow or even talk much about sex? Start a conversation up with your pal or your coworker, even your family. Learn something new that might change up your bedroom game or find out that you’re not the only one having problems finishing. Sex is bloody brilliant. Stop being so shy about it. Here are some sex trends for 2020 worth talking about.

Underdog doggy
You see them all the time. You chat, you laugh, you enjoy their company. They’re attractive for sure, but not in that way…or maybe they are. You look at them and wonder, have we ever flirted? Have you ever looked at me in this way? What would it be like to fuck you? Maybe it’s time you found out. The allure of the underdog is that no one saw it coming, not even you. And if it’s good you can keep doing your thing on the DL; dropping subtle hints in front of your friends who don’t suspect a thing, brushing past each other at work, ‘accidentally’ bumping into each other at your usual pub and enjoying some carpark mischief whilst your beers go flat. The sexual tension is sometimes enough to get off on alone. Be gone the dull tinder shags and try someone you never thought you would. They might just be the best sex of your life. It’s almost 2020, life is too short to just wonder, just do it instead.

*Try to avoid bosses, married people, your mums' boyfriend Steve and your actual best friends- they are not underdogs, those are no-go’s honey*

Right kids, here’s a brief overview: We’ve got the branches: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission and Sadism and Masochism. And we’ve got your roles: Top/Dominant, Bottom/Submissive and the cheeky Switch. Within the branches, there are all sorts of sexual activities, fetishes, and subcultures that are basically out of the box of your bog standard, before-bed, boring-ass missionary. You can take it slow, tear off the corner and take a little peek into this new sexual world. There’s no need to dive straight in, especially if it turns out it’s not your cup of tea and you end up stuck at a raging sex party surrounded by all sorts of things that can be hard to un-see. If you’ve got a partner just introduce something new and see how it goes. Keep adding new toys, trying new things, adding layers of depth to your sex life. Lots of BDSM acts have psychological triggers, which elevates sex and taps into parts of your brain you don’t usually use in the bedroom. If you don’t have a partner, why not book a wonderful dominatrix for the night to see if anything tickles your fancy? The vast majority of Dom’s don’t actually have sex with clients. They would just touch upon the basis of each branch of BDSM, allowing you to see what you like. After that, the world is your naughty little oyster. Why not? We all have individual tastes and preferences in sex, so different than the list of fetishism in BDSM goes on and on… Wouldn’t it be a waste to not find out what makes you tick? 2020 is the year of the freaks.