Shed those Christmas Pounds with Sex

30 Jan 2019 - 11:22

Everyone knows that over the Christmas holiday period you put a few extra pounds due to overindulging on rich food, wine and chocolates and come January it’s time to make a change and get fit and healthy (again). This is the month that gyms will thrive with members, both old and new, as everyone shares the same goals and level of motivation. However rather than join a busy gym in an attempt to burn fat or get fit you actually can partake in an activity that will burn calories and is much more fun, sex.

Now if you are single during this time of year where do you find your workout partner, well what about adult dating site? Sex sites are a great way to meet women and men who share the same outlook on dating and relationships. View your potential matches there and message people who you think you’ll click with. Members of casual dating sites are all there for various reasons; some will be there simply to flirt with other members online, some are there to look for an ideal fuckbuddy and some are there to find a relationship with someone who shares their sexual interests.

Sex can be a vigorous form of exorcise so we thought we’d highlight some positions that will get the heart rate going.

Mainly a workout for the guy here. A fan favorite for many people and a great workout.

This one is for the ladies, and for the guys out there that enjoy…. lying down.

The Bridge
This one is for the experimental couple. A yoga background will definitely help, but a good workout for all.

The Clasp
Works on core and upper body strength for the guy and core and lower body strength for the girl. Slightly experimental and can be filed under a passionate position.

These listed positions are worth trying with your partners so if you’re single in the New Year try some adult dating sites. There you can search for your ideal sexual partner; someone who you are compatible with in the sack. A good fuckbuddy is hard to come by so begin your search ASAP.