Who is Adult Dating for?

8 Oct 2018 - 11:52

It's not as black and white as perhaps you'd think. You would, under normal circumstances assume that general dating sites are for people who are serious about finding someone special and people who use adult dating sites are just looking for one night stands or hookups online. However let's stop for a moment and contemplate the idea of a relationship and how relationships form.

There are many ways a relationship can naturally form and grow. One way which a large portion of the population can relate to is meeting someone on a night out on the town. You meet someone in a bar, have a few drinks and one thing leads to another and before you know it you are in bed together. Now more often than not this probably will end the moment you leave the next morning but for the other guys a full on relationship has developed, and all from one evening out drinking. Now this really isn't different from meeting someone on a hookup site is it?! I mean, what is the foundation of the bar scenario, sex! Sex isn't the main segment of a relationship by any means, but it is important. Lack of sex and intimacy in a relationship can doom it and therefore forming a significant relationship from that as an initial interaction isn't necessarily a negative thing.

Now Is everyone on an adult dating site like 'friends with benefits' looking for a relationship? No - of course not, but not everyone that's a member wants to just jump from person to person either.
Friendswithbenefits.co.uk is no different really from a general dating site when you think about it; there you will still see pics of naked people whether you like it or not.
Here there is no fluff and there is nothing unexpected. So trialing a casual dating site might be a good move if you are looking for more than just a one night stand, as it might lead to a perfectly healthy relationship, one in which hopefully the sex is amazing.
Friends With Benefits is an adult dating site that is free to join as a basic member, so why not try it today.